As a rule, I personally tend to prefer wearing headphones over earphones. I find them, on the whole, to be more comfortable, less fiddly to deal with and I seem to enjoy the sound more while either at home or on the go.

Consequently, I’ve been fortunate enough to sample a number of headphone models from HiFiMAN over the years and I genuinely have come away being impressed with what they have developed and brought to market.

HiFiMAN RE2000 Box

This time, I’m going a little out of my “comfort zone” and will be looking at the HiFiMAN RE2000 flagship In-Ear Monitor.

HiFiMAN RE2000 IEMs In Hand

What makes them “flagship” you ask? Well, beyond the $2,000.00 price tag, the driver topology is somewhat unique. The diaphragm on the 9.2mm dynamic drivers has been treated with a “Nano particle coating.” The distribution of this coating, apparently, has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the pattern, compound and thickness of the coating, a specific audio tuning can be achieved. This, combined with a solid-brass housing and silver-coated, crystalline-copper wire, is said to elevate the sound quality to new standards for an IEM. Did I forget to mention that the brass housing is electroplated with 24k gold? Well, it is. And while this does nothing for the sound quality obviously, it does add a certain level of “posh” to the whole presentation. With an impedance of 60 Ohms and a sensitivity of 103dB, the RE2000 can be driven by practically anything with an electrical pulse. They come packaged in a suitably fancy presentation box complete with a decent array of tips and ear fitments to help get a proper fit and a crucial good seal.

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Initial impressions are that the RE2000 are decently comfortable when worn in their most simple orientation. I find some of the ear tips and ear guide to be less than successful for my use, but again, everyone’s ears are a little different. The sound quality is lush with plenty of detail and a good bottom end. So far, the RE2000s sound very much like an excellent pair of over-the-ear cans as opposed a pair of IEMs. Go figure!

HiFiMAN RE2000 IEMs with Detachable Cord

MSRP for the RE2000 is $2,000.00 and expect a complete review on our website in the near future.

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