HIFIMAN has had a few different HE400 model headphones in their lineup for quite some time now.

HIFIMAN HE400se Planar Magnetic Headphone featured

Each has been at a slightly different price point but not higher than $499.00 placing the 400 series at the more approachable end of the scale. The HE400se we have in for review retails for $149.00 which makes it HIFIMAN’s most affordable headphone to date. And for that very reasonable price, it seems to have a whole lot going for it.

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HIFIMAN HE400se Planar Magnetic Headphone close-up against a white background

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I know I’ve brought this up a few times in the past, but it still just amazes me how far planar magnetic headphone technology has come and how affordable it is to sample these days. Just a few short years ago $300.00 – $500.00 was considered the entry-level for a pair of planar magnetic cans and we all thought, at the time, that was a very affordable entry point. And yet here we are today, looking at a pair of planar magnetic headphones for $149.00! It’s really kind of astonishing when you think about it. The first question that someone will likely ask is “Well, are these $150-dollar HE400se any good? I mean what can you expect to get for that kind of price?” I’m here to tell you, quite a lot! Two things that HIFIMAN is known for are constantly updating their products with new features and design improvements and then eventually trickling down much of their higher-level tech to the more affordable models. If you are interested in a very affordable pair of audiophile headphones, then I suggest you keep an eye on the Secrets website where my full review of the HIFIMAN HE400se headphones will soon publish.