See the complete review of the EAT B-Sharp Turntable

European Audio Team (EAT for short) is a name that is new to my ears but has been around as an audio company since the 1990s.

Based in the Czech Republic, they started out making high quality vacuum tubes and in 2009 released their first turntable called the Forte. EAT has been steadily expanding their turntable line ever since and the current lineup features a total of six turntables at various price points.

EAT B-Sharp Front view

The B-Sharp is EAT’s newest entry-level model but it certainly does not feel “entry-level” in either appearance or construction. This belt-drive turntable features a floating suspension, heavy aluminum platter, record clamp and a lovely carbon fiber tonearm, all put together in a simple yet elegant design. The tonearm is equipped with all the necessary adjustments that one would want, including VTA, VTF and anti-skate. But it also includes an Ortofon 2M Blue MM phono cartridge, pre-installed and set up from the factory.

EAT B-Sharp ¾ Down view

EAT B-Sharp Rear view

EAT B-Sharp Tonearm

With an MSRP of $1595.00, the B-Sharp is aiming to give audiophiles, who aren’t looking to go into hock, a compelling reason to pony up their pocketbooks. I have just completed setup of this turntable in my system and can confirm that it feels and looks as beautiful in person as it does in pictures.

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Expect a complete review on our website in the near future.

See the complete review of the EAT B-Sharp Turntable