If you are looking for a soundbar that does more than the usual soundbar duties, the DALI Katch One is worthy of your attention.

DALI Katch One

Besides getting your TV audio to a better place than using the internal speakers in your display, the Katch One can play music from analog and digital sources, and from your Bluetooth devices.

I put the Katch One to the test comparing it to some other small speaker systems and to the internal speakers on two flat panel displays. The Katch One has powerful class D Digital amplifiers, 10 speaker drivers, and multiple ways to mount the unit on your wall or on a cabinet. At $1000.00 the DALI Katch One is not inexpensive, but it performs far better than the run of the mill discount store soundbars.

Catch my upcoming review for the details on the DALI Katch One and how it performed on music and movies.