The 18.5 watts-per-channel Black Ice Fusion F11 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier (henceforth, the F11 for obvious reasons) is $1,499 US Dollars.

Black Ice Fusion F11 Tube Amplifie

My first thought, when looking at the amplifier was, “How can they make a product that’s THIS well made for that price?!?” The F11 sports premium power supply capacitors, metal film resistors, and film caps in the signal path. Additionally, it has a glass touch-panel on the front, its own built-in bias meter, and unlike many tube amplifiers in this price range, a full-featured metal remote control.

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But it wouldn’t matter how well it’s made nor how affordable it is if it didn’t sound good. And as you might have guessed by this point, it DOES! I’ve NEVER heard 18.5 watts sound this tight and extended in the bass. This amplifier kicks with both my Tekton Design Double Impact speakers AND my Emotiva T2 towers. The midrange is open and detailed, and there are no tricky treble artifacts to interfere with your listening pleasure.

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This is my second Black Ice component review (the first was their tube DAC), and the products just keep getting better! The F11 review will be here soon, and you won’t want to miss it.