Amphion’s studio monitors have developed a strong reputation in the music production world. Now Amphion turning their sights back to music enjoyment world.

Amphion Argon 3S

The Amphion Argon 3S is not your standard 7-inch 2-way bookshelf speaker. The differences go beyond the Argon 3S’s undeniably stylish visage. The Argon 3S has a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter controlled by a large circular waveguide that Amphion makes in house. The crossover between this waveguide-loaded tweeter and the 7-inch aluminum woofer is unusually low.

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A beefy rear-mounted aluminum passive radiator extends the Argon 3S’s bass. Amphion also fits the Argon 3S with the biggest binding posts I’ve ever seen!

Amphion Argon 3S Binding

From what I’ve heard so far, I’m really looking forward to spending time listening to this innovative Finnish bookshelf speaker! Stay tuned for a full review and measurements.

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