When you want a speaker that takes up less space but sounds like a tower model, Alta Audio’s Alyssa Compact Speakers might just fill the bill.

Alta Audio Compact Speaker

With surprising sonics and a gorgeous design, they look poised to deliver high-end sound from a small cabinet.

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I’ve just received a pair of these lovelies for review and I am already excited. They are gorgeous to look at for starters. My samples are finished in a piano black that is one of the deepest glosses I’ve ever seen. They are slippery to handle, especially with the included white gloves. But getting them set up was easy.

The drivers are thoughtfully chosen. The tweeter is a 2.1-inch ribbon component that delivers some of the clearest detail I’ve ever heard. Even from the first moment, you know you’re in for something special. Though the cabinet is relatively small, bass is prodigious thanks to a clever internal transmission line and a powerful 6-inch composite woofer. It has a 3-inch motor structure which imparts high excursion and an even higher degree of control. I’ve already listened to a few tracks and I can see the Alyssas are going to be addictive.

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I’ll be listening to them over the next couple of weeks, then sharing my thoughts. Watch Secrets for my full review.

Alta Audio Alyssa Compact Speaker