Video Calibration with Michael Chen and Ray Coronado

L-R: Michael Chen, Ray Coronado

Video calibrator and THX instructor Michael Chen and calibrator Ray Coronado talk about Michael's series of instructional videos that explain the entire purpose and process of video calibration. They also discuss the difference between a tristimulus colorimeter and a spectroradiometer, calibrating for different ambient-light environments, calibrating from a test-pattern generator versus a Blu-ray player, how it's impossible to completely calibrate a display for broadcast television, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:01:24

Michael Chen is a traffic engineer by education and started to do video calibration in 1995 with a LaserDisc player strictly as a hobby. It became more serious in 2000 when he bought a Philips color analyzer for $5000. (These days, a Display LT at $100 would be just as accurate if not more so.)

Michael has been on the Internet helping out enthusiasts since 1995. He has also written many Web articles on calibration techniques and the idiosyncrasies of calibration. A number of these articles ended up in a book on DIY home theater around 2003.

Going professional was a natural extension of this work, and he attended the ISF calibration class in 2001 to get that accreditation, although he already knew what he was doing. He started to teach calibration for ISF by 2004, and he helped launch the THX calibration class in 2008.

Currently, Michael continues to teach the THX Video Systems Level 1 and 2 classes, which have now expanded to overseas locations. He also continues to calibrate displays for clients in Canada and the USA, and he consults with SpectraCal and created its tutorial videos.

Ray Coronado is an avid audio/video enthusiast who enjoys learning as much as possible about home theater and helping others get the most out of their systems. He has been certified as a technician/calibrator/installer by THX, Audyssey, and Denon, and he consults with SpectraCal in the development of its CalMan video-calibration software. Ray can often be found in the TWiT chat room, where he loves answering A/V questions; his screen name is socalrayjr.