Introduction to Surround Sound Speaker System Reviews

Because any conventional speaker can also be used for surround-sound channel, speakers designated as surround sound models are characterized as being design for the role and are often not practical for any other purpose. Most dedicated surround sound speakers distinguish themselves by being multi-pole designs, either di-polar or bi-polar, though some novel tri-pole designs are available. These speakers are elected as good for surround sound channels as they aptly emulate the sound produced by not just one but an array of conventional speakers which is the basis for surround sound in commercial and professional facilities.

Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Monolith Encore Speaker System Review

The Monolith Encore speaker system from Monoprice is a high-quality entry-to-mid priced family of speakers for home theater and music. The new Encore family is comprised of the T6 tower, the B6 bookshelf, and the C6 center. Combined with one of Monolith’s epic subs like the THX Ultra certified M12 V2, Monoprice delivers a truly impressive high-value surround system.