Introduction to Floor Standing Speaker Reviews

As the name implies, these are speakers which are large enough to be placed on the floor yet still produce more or less ideal sound for a someone in a typical seated posture. They are almost exclusively full range designs often with multiple woofers and the best models will incorporate a mid-range driver. Designs might include ported, acoustic suspension, and other more esoteric variations. Some even include built in powered sub-woofers.

Floor Standing Speakers

Definitive Technology Dymension Loudspeaker Multi-Channel System Review

For over three decades, Definitive Technology has been building speakers with great success. The two specific aspects of their speakers that are the most recognizable are the bipolar designs and built-in powered subwoofers. Their latest flagship line is the Dymension series, and we are going to wring out a 5.2 system consisting of the DM70 towers for the front left & right, the DM60 towers for the rear left & right, and the DM30 center channel speaker.