How to Watch Blu-ray

Ralph Potts, Blu-ray reviewer for, reveals the gear he has in his reference system and talks about the performance criteria he looks for when reviewing Blu-rays, the evolution of Blu-ray in terms of video and audio quality as well as bonus materials, the problems with edge enhancement and digital noise reduction, those annoying previews, his favorite Blu-rays (live action, animated, new releases, catalog titles, 2D, 3D) just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:01:46

Ralph has been an audio enthusiast for over 20 years and has been writing about home audio/video gear for nearly 10 years. It is a passion he has been drawn to since he was a teenager. In 1999, he bought his first widescreen CRT HDTV and became a video enthusiast, which prompted him to join the online community seeking the best ways get the most from high definition.

In 2001, Ralph joined, a forum-based enthusiast website. Shortly after joining, he was asked by the site's administrator to assist as a moderator, where he oversaw select forums and assisted fellow enthusiasts and "newbies" with various topics related to home theater. He soon became a Senior Editor and oversaw all of the forums in addition to assisting with other site-related tasks.

While doing so, he made several industry contacts, which lead to the opportunity to review A/V hardware. Ralph was later elevated to Executive Editor, overseeing the site's hardware reviews and reviewing gear from B&K, Marantz, Outlaw Audio, Gemstone Audio, Epson, APC, Canton, Parasound, SV Sounds, Carada, Furman, and more.

More recently, Ralph has done freelance audio/video hardware reviews for and has covered gear from Rotel and LG. In late 2006, he branched out to writing software reviews, which began with DVD and later Blu-ray. In 2008, Ralph left Home Theater Spot and began writing Blu-ray Disc reviews for To date, Ralph has written over 950 Blu-ray reviews since taking the post.