LG 55EA980 55" Curved OLED HDTV


Conclusions about the LG 55EA980 OLED HDTV

We normally consider first generation technology something that wouldn't be suitable for real world use, but this is not a normal TV. OLED technology has been brewing in the labs for the better part of the last decade and we are finally seeing the fruits of this labor.

This is one of those rare instances where display companies are investing in picture quality after mostly adding features, design and more features.

I have to say that I was blown away by the image quality and can't really imagine how much further OLED technology can push forward without a really dramatic shift in the industry (in the form of 4K Blu-ray, 12 bit content, a switch to REC2020 and more).

The new curved design caught me off guard - I expected to dislike it but given the lack of reflection I quickly turned to really like it. The fact that the screen looks simply stunning might have something to do with that.

With all that to say, not everything is perfect. Any number of dead pixels is unacceptable to me and although normal viewing was not impacted by this, it was disturbing and really needs investigation. The residual brightness issue was also strange and might have something to do with the fact that this was a demo unit prior to me getting it (a flat field uniform burn-in period might be in order, as was the case with early plasmas). Finally, the remote took quite a while to get used to - the concept of a cursor on a TV display is not very convenient.

I think the next big hurdle to overcome is the question of a more natural user interface and even reducing the number of features to a more manageable amount - I can't see anyone using even half of the features included in this TV…