Blu-ray Players

Toshiba BDX5200 3D Blu-ray Player


Conclusions about the Toshiba BDX5200 3D Blu-ray Player

The Good

  • Excellent video processing for both DVD and streaming sources.
  • Fast and convenient built-in WiFi

The Not So Good

  • Only supports 4:4:4 colorspace output
  • Non-backlit remote with below average response to commands
  • Finicky touch-sensitive front panel controls
  • No internal memory for BD-Live
  • Thin feet may cause scratching of other components or shelving

The BDX-5200 includes pretty much everything you could possibly want in a Blu-ray player (at least this week) in a slim and value-priced package. The major selling points this year are 3D and Internet apps, both of which this Toshiba has. While not the best player in terms of ergonomics, I had no problems playing content or checking out Internet apps during my time with it. Its video processing prowess means your DVD collection will look pretty good for years to come. Some more-expensive models don’t perform as well on our core video processing tests. Toshiba has delivered a solid player here and is certainly worthy of consideration.