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LG BP730 Blu-ray Player


Design and Setup of the LG BP730 Blu-ray Player

Sitting at the top of their Blu-ray lineup you expect the BP730 to exude some class and, with a slot loading tray and a silver top, it looks the part. It also feels like it, with a build quality that is much nicer than those on the tier below it. Controls are touch sensitive and positioned along the front. The clean lines of the design look nice atop my AV cabinet. The rear is minimal as with most players, offering just HDMI, Ethernet, and Optical connections. There is a lone USB port hidden behind a door on the front of the player.

The real design element is the Magic Remote. Smooth, black, and well fitted to my hand it has a nice feel. All the controls are easily accessed with my thumb as it sits in my hand. Despite the nice feel of it, I do have a couple of quibbles with the design. One of the buttons that failed to make the cut was Eject. As I use it quite a bit from the remote, I wish it were still present. I also wish the playback controls were arranged in the more common layout, with Forward and Reverse to the sides of the Play/Pause button. The Magic Remote feels great in my hand but the button selection and placement could be improved.

Setup of the BP730 is simple and automated, with prompts to select the correct country, language, and output formats. The 24p menu selection is confusing as it asks you to choose between 60p and 24p playback. This may imply that you can only do either/or, instead of just enabling 24p playback for 1080p24 content. Rest assured, when you enabled 24p it only plays back 24p content at that rate and 60i content is still output at 60p.

A benefit of the Magic Remote is signing into all those blasted online apps. Entering my login credentials using a point-and-click method is easier than using a cursor and select button. I still prefer apps like Hulu that let you activate a player through your laptop instead of from the remote. This also makes it a nice way to search for content, as the same point-and-click functionality is more useful there than the cursor typically is. LG does sell an optional voice control Magic Remote that would make searching easier, but I didn't test it.

LG also offers an app for your iOS or Android phones that will stream audio from the player directly to it. Useful for late night or in-bed movie watching, this only works with disc-based content and not with any streaming content.