At the 2015 CEDIA Expo and 2016 CES we saw a lot of buzz about HDR. We even published an article about it last summer. Television manufacturers like LG, Vizio and Sony are including the feature in many of their new products and even JVC is supporting it in their latest line of D-ILA projectors. But like most technologies, it’s not quite that easy. Several standards are vying for prominence like Dolby Vision, Technicolor and Ultra HD Premium. And some TVs claim to support these standards while others merely state that they’re “HDR-ready.” It’s already becoming difficult to filter out the marketing-speak and understand just what these new displays can do to improve picture quality.


We’re reaching out to you, the readers, to ask for your questions and experiences concerning HDR. Are you considering a new television purchase this year? Have you already made the investment in an HDR-capable set? Please let us know in the comments below if you have questions of your own or answers that will help us better cover the technology and perhaps provide a little clarity for your fellow enthusiasts.