It seems, most of us neither have the space, resources or the desire for a dedicated audio room. In fact I’d venture to say most households don’t have audio systems, whether two channel or surround (home theater). Sad really. I do suppose if you’re reading this from the Secrets website, you’re not included in that description or you don’t want to be audio-less and that’s why you’re here. No matter, you may dispute my claim, but what I’m seeing is more and more interest in whole-house or multi-zone audio. Proof you ask? Heard of Sonos, for example? Of course Sonos and the like offer various solutions for such systems, but there are many ways, wired or wireless to play music throughout your home. I’m an audiophile which means I love music and the gear so when someone asks about getting music in and/or outside of their home, I’m happy to help with options. I believe there is still much confusion about how that can happen. Integrators can help, there are many good ones out there and I see them fill the halls of CEDIA every year. But most people want to do this themselves whether in new construction, renovations or simply wireless solutions. What kind of gear, what kind of wires, where do we run the wires, what are the sources, how do I control with my phone. I’d like to start that discussion.