I’m curious to get a sense of where our readers stand on the subject of high res audio. Every year at CES, there is a definite push being made by manufacturers to have high res audio be the next big thing for our ears. There are a number of ways to get better than CD spec audio these days. Where at one-time storage was the issue and lossy, compressed audio became the way for portable and digital streaming use, now memory is cheap and plentiful and we can have, supposedly, master quality audio both at home and on the go. Different delivery systems, file formats, and resolutions can make the choices a bit confusing. This is before we even get into the subject of the music itself and how it was recorded and mastered and let alone whether we can hear a difference between 16/44 and higher resolutions of the same audio tracks. Of course you also have your analog vinyl die-hards who still poo-poo digital music playback in general into this mix. I personally don’t regard vinyl as high res at all, but some folks however make an argument that it is and it’s better. The introduction of MQA into market as almost a THX style quality and provenance certification for audio has also raised some additional questions on the subject. What in high res audio is real and what is hype? Opinions, of course, are varied and passionate so let’s keep it civil please. I’ve always been of the mind that whatever way you find that gets you a consistent emotional connection to your music of choice is good. Whether it be CD, vinyl, DSD, PCM, 8-Track, Victrola or two tin cans with a piece of twine. If it works for you, good. If there is a market for it, even better. But in our constant search to find better quality sources when it comes to our hobby, where do you stand?