The Turntable and Audio Racks are finished! Next step will be to crate and ship from Thailand, working on the logistics now.

This is a project that we started several months ago with FLOWbkk, using beautiful Acacia wood and using the natural edge of the wood as a design feature. If you haven’t had a chance to see the early reports and images, check out Part I and Part II.

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In addition to the two racks, Michael and Valentino Tachavirat have built a beautiful platform, with casters that I will be able to use for the turntables sent to me for review. The platform was designed, size-wise, to my specifications, but can be made any size.

FLOWbkk Custom Command Center Top

FLOWbkk Custom Command Center Platform with Casters

Over the past month, the racks have been sanded and finished. The process involved the final sanding and application of 3 coats of sanding sealer. The final finish uses FLOWbkk’s industrial semi-gloss lacquer which provides the necessary protection as well as showcases the live edge wood with a natural finish. Three coats of the lacquer finish are applied by hand sprayer with sanding between each coat. I should also mention that there is no wood stain; the beautiful result really showcases the natural wood.

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To recap, the two racks will sit side-by-side and will house the turntable, Pass Labs phono preamplifier (two units), OPPO and SONY players, BAT Preamplifier and BAT Power Amplifier. The turntable rack will also house some of my vinyl collection on the lowest shelf.

Audio Rack

FLOWbkk With Side panel

FLOWbkk Turntable Command Center Completed

Turntable Rack

FLOWbkk Front View

I am very eager to receive these beautiful racks, hopefully to arrive in next several weeks. My final report will be of the racks in place with all of the components.

I am very indebted to Michael and Valentino from FLOWbkk for working with me on sizing the racks to my specifications and for their meticulous work from selecting the perfect wood slabs to the careful finishing.