Introduction to Wireless Speaker Reviews

Wireless speakers are a sort of sub-set of active speakers. They are self- powered but receive the audio signal via a wireless/radio frequency carrier. One method uses a proprietary system which requires a complementary sending unit to interface with conventional wired connections. These boast virtually delay free operation and are thus suitable for the various channels of a multichannel system. Other systems use open standards such as WiFi to receive audio from a computer or mobile device. These will tend to have significant lag and are better suited to casual stereo or background music enjoyment.

Wireless Speakers

Bluesound Pulse 2 All-In-One Streaming Music System

Whole-house audio gets easier and better with each new product introduction. Today I’m looking at the Bluesound Pulse 2 All-In-One Streaming Music System. It combines a BluOS streaming player with a DirectDigital tri-amplifier, premium speakers, and support for nearly every music format including MQA. It’s the ultimate in convenience, quality sound, and high-end styling. The lifestyle audio product genre may have to shoot for a newly elevated benchmark.

Mass Fidelity Core Review

Mass Fidelity Core Review

The Mass Fidelity Core is an attempt to bring holographic, stereo sound from a single, small speaker that connects to Bluetooth sources. Mass Fidelity utilizes advanced acoustic technology to produce outstanding sound, and smart design to deliver a whole house audio solution.

OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker Review

OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers Review

Sonica marks OPPO’s first venture into wireless audio speakers. With so many wonderful products produced by OPPO in the past, the Sonica carries great expectations. Today I’ll shed some light on whether Sonica is a worthy player in the high-end...