Remote Controls

Next Generation Home Products Remote Extender



The Remote Extender comes as a kit for $54.95.  You get the transmitter, two batteries, a AA battery sleeve, a receiver with a wall-wart power supply and a single stick-on IR blaster along with complete instructions.  3-eye and 6-eye IR blasters are available for $15.95 and $24.95 respectively.  After charging the batteries in the receiver base for 24 hours, you are ready to go.  Simply insert one battery in the transmitter.  This combination replaces one AAA battery in your remote.  If you need to replace a AA battery use the adapter sleeve.  On the component side you have two choices.  You can stick the bundled IR blaster over the component’s sensor, or plug a mini-headphone cable into the IR control input in the back if present.  Call to manufacturers – I LOVE gear that includes IR control input.  It’s so much better than sticking emitters on the front.  Emitters are ugly and they can fall off.  Most receivers have rear IR inputs.  My cable box even has one.  For some mysterious reason TVs and projectors do not have them.  It just killed me when I installed my Pioneer Elite plasma only to have to stick an IR blaster on the front of my otherwise gorgeous display.