Toshiba 55SL417U 55" Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV


Conclusions About the Toshiba 55SL417U 55" Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV

The Good

  • Calibration performance (with dimming off)
  • Video processing performance
  • Sharp picture
  • Internet apps
  • Streaming quality
  • Price

The Not So Good

  • Audio quality
  • Luma signal clipping with some sources
  • Average noise reduction
  • Dimming feature lowers light output too much

In my opinion, Toshiba has delivered a winning TV here. The price more than makes up for the few flaws I encountered. Image quality and calibration performance are on par with more expensive TVs, and the feature set is quite full. Literally, the only thing you’re giving up is 3D capability. With streamed content improving all the time, you could literally connect nothing besides a network cable to this TV to access thousands of hours of content. If you use the built-in WiFi, you only need to plug in the power! At $1499, it’s hard not to recommend the 55SL417U.