Floor-standing Speakers

Thiel MCS1 LCR Speakers



Overall I found the MCS1's to be versatile, revealing and detailed. They produce a wide sweet-spot, throw a huge soundstage and were able to play very loud without any distortion. Solid on their own, the MCS1's still benefit from an added subwoofer and are perfectly matched to the unique SS2 subwoofer – easily the most capable sub I have heard to date. While I do prefer the sound of panels/dipoles for 2ch music listening, I would have no problem choosing this speaker set for a movie first or multi-channel music system.

I am not going to sugar coat this, $2,950 per speaker is a lot of money. Yes you can find cheaper speakers and no, these are not the best speakers ever. What they are is a highly-refined extremely clear and detailed speaker with no listening fatigue. And for the money you get over-built furniture-grade cabinets, custom designed components built in house and a ten year warranty. These speakers do their best with solid amplification and they will reveal many recording flaws. For good or bad!