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Monolith Encore Speaker System Review

The Monolith Encore speaker system from Monoprice is a high-quality entry-to-mid priced family of speakers for home theater and music. The new Encore family is comprised of the T6 tower, the B6 bookshelf, and the C6 center. Combined with one of Monolith’s epic subs like the THX Ultra certified M12 V2, Monoprice delivers a truly impressive high-value surround system.

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers Review

SVS – purveyor of big bang-for-the-buck audio products – maintains that title with their $1,200/pair Ultra Bookshelf Speakers. If you are just starting out in building a stereo system with home theater in mind for the future, you should consider bookshelf speakers. Although you can actually put them on bookshelves, this will result in less than satisfactory performance due to reflections from the wall behind the speakers and the shelves themselves. So, put them on speaker stands.

Sonus faber Maxima Amator Preview

For almost four decades, Sonus faber has made loudspeakers, like the new Maxima Amator, that are as much art as they are music makers. For their early designs, bookshelf and stand-mounted speakers made of real hardwood (no MDF) were a hallmark of Sonus faber. The visual appeal of the speakers themselves received as much in terms of accolades as did the sound quality.