Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers Review

Just how much speaker can one get from only $699.00? The Signature Series floorstanding speakers from the Niagara region of Ontario aim to deliver as much as possible from that low price, cramming dual 8” drivers, a custom midrange and tweeter into a 4’ tall 60-Lb box. While this is an internet only speaker company with no showrooms the free one-way shipping makes it easier to demo these speakers in your own listening room. Something that should be done with every speaker which is not always an option with dealer offered products.

Linn Audio Athenaeum Horn Speakers

Horn speakers have been around nearly a century. They were used in movie theaters when the films became "talkies", and their advantage is that they are extremely efficient, which is good, because the power amplifiers in the theaters during the 1930's were very low powered. Linn Audio has built horn speakers for several decades, but most hi-fi enthusiasts may never have heard a horn speaker. They are characterized by wonderful, effortless midrange. The Linn Audio Athenaeum horn speakers are reviewed here.

Crystal Acoustics TX-T2 SE THX ULTRA2 Certified Floor-Standing Speakers

Crystal Acoustics is a niche-within-a-niche kind of company. It sells high-value speaker systems directly to customers through the Internet. Not just any speakers, though. Crystal specializes in THX certified home theater systems. I've reviewed several Crystal Acoustics speakers, ranging from smaller THX Select certified floor-standers, up to their THX Ultra2 certified TX-T3SE. Now comes the TX-T2 SE, a mid-sized floor standing speaker that carries the THX Ultra2 badge. Are the TX-T2 SE's the best of both worlds, combining a smaller size with Ultra2 performance?

Clark Synthesis

The main objective in home theater is to suspend disbelief to believe what you are watching is real. Without the accurate sensation of tactile sound the experience is much more difficult to accomplish if not impossible.

Thiel MCS1 LCR Speakers

Thiel Audio has been designing and building loudspeakers for over 30 years. The 1978 Model 03 was one of the first multi-driver speakers to utilize a time and phase accurate design. This has been at the heart of all Thiel designs ever since, and is consistently found throughout their product line. This is a lofty and difficult design choice which, when done right, can provide an enveloping and realistic musical presentation. In this review, we take a look at the Thiel MCS1, which is a monitor speaker that could be used in an LCR configuration.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Cambridge Audio has come up with a product that has wowed everyone: the DacMagic. For $479, you get a DAC that is fully differential (a stereo DAC on each of the two channels), upsampling to 24/192, very low specified distortion, and selectable output filters. Does it perform as claimed? Read our review to see for yourself.

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New Full-Color Guide Covers Cables, Kits, Connectors, Custom Assemblies, DigitaLinx Extenders

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INFOCOMM '08, LAS VEGAS, June 19, 2008 â€" Liberty Wire & Cable, worldwide supplier of a broad range of wire and cable products for the audio/video trade, including custom installers and systems integrators, has announced publication of its first-ever guide to fiber optic products and solutions, available for the first time at INFOCOMM International 2008, the annual convention of the International Communications Industries Association.

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Screen Research Selected as Screen Provider for the March

Nantes, France â€" May 14-25, 2008 â€" Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projector screen solutions for the custom home theater and professional markets, has been selected as the official screen partner for the 2008 Marché du Film. For the third consecutive year, in support of the Cannes Film festival, Screen Research will provide eight award-winning acoustically transparent projection screens for the Marché du Film and the Short Film Corner screening rooms.