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Clark Synthesis

The main objective in home theater is to suspend disbelief to believe what you are watching is real. Without the accurate sensation of tactile sound the experience is much more difficult to accomplish if not impossible. Without tactile sound you are just watching TV. To prove something is real, we want to touch or feel it to believe it.

With our highly refined, high-fidelity Tactile Sound Transducers you are completely brought into the film and made a part of it, you feel as if you are there. When you combine three senses (sight, sound and touch) your mind can easily absorb the film’s every action and event. Tactile sound makes every experience complete whether you are watching a film, concert or sporting event. The task of making things seem real and come to life has been our first priority in building the best, high quality Tactile Sound Transducers. The whole idea of using tactile sound in a home theater comes from our military application experience as we have been making multi-million dollar flight and warfare simulators feel real to the pilots. The amusement and theme park industry took a look at the realism we added to the warfare industry and applied our touch of reality to many of the most popular attractions around the world. This technology can now be installed in any home theater to help the viewers get in touch with reality.