Neko Audio D100 Mk 2 Stereo DAC



One of my many theories around audio is that people who listen to or play physical musical instruments are in a special position to 'voice' electronic playback equipment if they happen to be the designer. I think this is the case with my Daedalus speakers (owner Lou Hinkley plays guitar), and I think it is the case here, Wesley Miaw, owner of Neko Audio: "I learned piano and violin when I was young, and then later the trumpet. I grew up in a family of musicians: my dad plays Chinese violin; my mom the piano; one brother the piano and violin; the other brother piano, saxophone, drums, guitar, and also audio engineering." So, he knows what those instruments should sound like. And he knows a couple of things about electronic design as well. Combine those and you're likely to get some pleasing audio components. However it came to be this DAC is a real bargain and it deserves a listen.