Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-N460 Networked Blu-ray Player



Setup of the Sony BRD-N460 Networked Blu-ray player was a snap. There's a guided quick setup feature that gets you up and running in a few minutes, and a few more advanced settings which one can easily find and tweak if desired. I believe this crop of Blu-ray players represents Sony's fourth generation of BRD players. While slower than a modern snappy DVD player, I found the BDP-N460 to be quite responsive. I was never annoyed or frustrated while navigating menus or discs. Granted, when a movie disc is inserted, the main menu of the player is ready before the disc is. But once the disc is scanned and ready (which doesn't really take long either), navigation is fast & easy. The overall menu layout of the BDP-N460 is simple and easy to use, and will be very recognizable to anyone who's used a PS3 or any of Sony's other current Blu-ray players. Network setup was also straight forward. While the BDP-N460 is Wi-Fi ready (with the purchase of a USB Wi-Fi dongle) the only built-in networking solution is a physical network cable from your router to the BDP-N460.