Blu-ray Players

Yamaha BD-S2900 Blu-ray Player - Benchmark



The BD-S2900 plays BD-Video, DVD Video, CDs, MP3s, and JPEGs.  It allows you to select from 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.  480i is not available when using the HDMI connection and standard DVD’s are output at 480p from the analog connections.  The BD-S2900 can output 1080p24 material as long as the display supports the mode.  It doesn’t allow override of the automatic detection of the mode from the display’s EDID information, so if there are any glitches in the HDMI handshake, then the player will output to 1080p60 instead.

As a Bonus View player the BD-S2900 supports full picture-in-picture support with secondary audio.  I think this feature has a lot of potential for real movie buffs.  It's a fun feature, enabling the viewer to learn behind-the scens information about the film. The BD-S2900 is also one of the first Blu-ray players to support Virtual Package which, like BD-Live, allows you to add additional content to the Blu-ray movie.  In this case it would be done by downloading it to a SD-card and then using the SD slot to load it into the player.  We are just starting to see some of these extra features show up in movies and hopefully many more will be coming as the Blu-ray format develops.

Standard DVD Video Processing Performance (When you click on the chart to enlarge it, you may have to then click on the little square with arrows in the bottom right hand corner to further enlarge it to full size.)


Similar to many Blu-ray players on the market today, the BD-S2900 didn’t perform well when it comes to standard DVD playback.  While it features motion adaptive processing, the main problem is that it isn’t able to lock onto any of our 3-2 or 2-2 cadence patterns, effectively meaning that there will be a loss of detail during playback of this kind of material.  On the upside, effort was put into this player to correct for chroma upsampling errors and it paid off as it passed all of our CUE tests with flying colors.

Core Video Performance

Measurements were taken at 1080i from the analog outputs using our Tektronix Oscilloscope.  The BD-S2900 performed in spades.  As you can see from the chart the frequency response is very smooth, the white level is spot on at 100 IRE, and the player has no problems with pixel cropping.  The player also showed that it can display blacker than black content.  These represent excellent results in the core performance section of the Secrets Benchmark.