Floorstanding Speakers

Legacy Aeris Floor-standing Speakers Review

Introduced in 2012, the Legacy Aeris speakers have become some of the most acclaimed speakers in recent memory. They are massive 4-way floorstanding speakers with dual powered 12" subwoofers in each tower. They are distinctive for many reasons with the most significant reason being their one of a kind room correction and time alignment capabilities.

THIEL CS2.7 Floor-Standing Speakers

Sometime around 2007, Thiel introduced what was then (and still is) an astounding speaker in the CS3.7 which for the most part was significant because Thiel was engineering their own driver designs, versus buying OEM. The 3-way design was pure Thiel, soft and rounded yet muscular in design, Jim Thiel showcased the corrugated midrange and tweeter "coincidentally" mounted configuration. The CS2.7 is the result of that success in a more affordable package.

Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Floor-standing Speakers

For For many audiophiles, there comes a time in our lives when we say, in so many words, enough is enough. We've worked hard enough, long enough, and with enough dedication and sacrifice to no longer have to suffer with a system that fails to satisfy. We deserve a setup that makes us happy: a system that allows us to sit back and listen for as long as we want to the music we love and want to explore and without ever feeling fatigued or short-changed. This review explores the possibility that the Wilson Audio Sophia speakers might be part of such a system.