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Read our full review on the OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers

OPPO has just released their Sonica wireless wi-fi speakers. They sound terrific.

OPPO Sonica Speakers in Use….Amazing!

You can get one and, because of the number of drivers, set the single speaker to play stereo, or you can get two of them, and set one to be the left channel and the other to be the right channel. At $299/each, they are a great value.

Oppo Sonica Wireless Wi-fi Speakers - First Look

There are five drivers (3 active, 2 passive) in each speaker. The net weight is 5.3 pounds/each. The full specification list can be found at

They can be ordered in black or silver. We obtained a pair of the silver ones. Jason Liao, CTO and VP of Product Development for OPPO Digital, brought the Sonica Speakers over and set them up in the kitchen.

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The panoramic photo shown below illustrates how we arranged them. The left channel is under a glassware cabinet. One of our cats, Eby, found the sound very interesting and was investigating the left channel when I took the photo. The right channel speaker is under another cabinet on the far right.

Placing Speaker 1 and 2

Oppo Sonica Wireless Wi-fi Speakers

To use them, you first download and install the OPPO Sonica app to your iPhone or android phone by going to the app store for your particular phone.

Jason Liao downloading the OPPO Sonica App

Plug in your Sonica speaker(s) and run the app on your phone. Since the app is going through your wireless network router, you will need to type in your password to allow the speaker(s) to connect to the same router. The Sonica app will then find the speaker(s) and attach to your network. You set up the speaker(s) to either play stereo in one speaker, or play stereo through two speakers.

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Jason Liao describing the online and network features of the Sonica Wireless Speakers and how to set up the speakers to be controlled by your mobile device.

That’s it. You are ready to play music stored on your phone through the Sonica speakers. They can decode 24/192 music files sent through your wireless router at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz and 802.11ac/a/b/g/n.

Jason demonstrating the Sonica App to Play Music Here is the full press release.

These OPPO Sonica Wireless Speakers are being reviewed by our team…..check back for the complete review in a few weeks.

Read our full review on the OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers

  • Alex Andr

    Could you compare sound quality of Opppo Sonica with sound quality os Sonos Play:1, Sonos Play:3 and Sonos Play: 5?

  • We at Dirac are working on an update that will make Oppo’s Sonica’s speakers unique ’cause they will feature Dirac’s brand new and easy-to-use speaker/room calibration software.
    Walls, windows, floors and furniture in a room reflect the sound from your speakers and add unwanted coloration or distortion. Dirac Room Calibration measures Oppo’s speaker in your room and compensates for the room coloration reducing the acoustic problems.

    Dirac Room Calibration is a mobile user-friendly version of Dirac Live that applies speaker and room correction with four measurements taken with iOS or Android smartphones.
    I have screen previews… they are not final but they convey the idea
    🙂 Flavio

  • Alex Andr

    Flak, is this analog of Sonos Trueplay app?

  • John Johnson

    None of our writers have a Sonos, but perhaps some of our readers might comment on the sound quality of Sonos players.

  • Alex Andr

    I have 2x Sonos Play:1. And it sounds really terrific with its small size. It sounds even better than Riva Turbo X (Riva speaker bigger than Play:1). Oppo’s Sonica is direct competitor to Sonos Play:3 (in cost and place in ecosystem) so it’s very interesting how Sonica compares to Sonos Play:3 or Play:1 (some people think Play:1 sounds even better than Play:3).

  • Alex Andr

    But where is the full review?

  • Cynthia Johnson-St Denis

    Yongki Go is finishing up with the review.

  • canali

    would love to see a comparison between a sonos and (even better) the better supposedly superior sounding bluesound series….i like it that this speaker can support both bluetooth and wifi, for versatility…i’ve read that bluetooth (for now anyway) doesn’t offer the same resolution/sound quality of regular wifi

  • canali

    good to hear it…will this be a firmware upgradeable solution, app download, vs having to buy some ‘new edition’ speaker?

  • The solutions are different but the objective is the same.. so I’d say yes 🙂


  • I imagine that customers will not have to buy “some new edition speaker” but that’s not for me to answer… one should ask Oppo itself

    🙂 Flavio

  • Alex Andr

    If Yongki Go is writing review it’s very interesting to read about comparison Sonica to the newest Zeppelin Air in soung quality and loudness!