Screen Goo Systems for Painting a Projection Screen on Your Wall


Screen Goo Systems


Screen Goo is a specially formulated line of acrylic paint products designed specifically for the video projection industry. It allows anyone to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. Screen Goo paint products are ideal for home theater, commercial, educational or industrial front or rear (2D or 3D) projection applications. It's inexpensive and costs a fraction of what a fixed mounted screen can cost. It can be painted into any size/shape screen and most applications can be done by users without any special tools or skills, such as me.

Though I had seen Screen Goo at CEDIA before, I was particularly impressed this year by their demo. They had a painted screen with the upper right corner untreated. The difference in the treated verses the untreated area was remarkable.

After seeing many other screen companies at the convention, I was somewhat dismayed by their prices. Some custom screens are in the thousands of dollars! The cost of projectors has certainly come down, but that is not the case for some of the screens. Screen Goo’s high contrast kit came in at under $260. Of course, cost is moot if the product can’t deliver a quality picture. Thus, I became interested in putting the product to the test. Goo Systems offers ten Screen Goo coating products. Front projection users can now choose from a wide variety of different coating combinations for ultimate performance with any projector in any setting. Goo Systems has engineered a rear projection screen coating as well. Since I do not personally own a projector system, I needed a volunteer. In this review, I will be applying Screen Goo in a church auditorium.