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NAD VISO 1 AP AirPlay Music System


Conclusions about the NAD VISO 1 AP AirPlay Music System

I really enjoyed my time with the VISO 1 AP. Its sound is far larger than one would expect from a box this small. The usability was first rate and it was super-easy to set up. There wasn't a single hitch during the several weeks I used it. Moving it to different locations in my home demonstrated a few different personalities. In the office, the sound was tight and detailed but somewhat small. Placing it in a corner really restricted its sonic capabilities. Once I moved it into either a large open room or a treated listening space, its true audiophile capabilities shone. It seemed to have no volume limit either. No matter how high I turned up the fun, there was no harshness or loss of detail. Thanks to some high-end amplifier technology, you'll never mistake the VISO for a boom box. Getting the same Direct Digital Amplifier design as the $6000 M2 in a $600 portable component is nothing short of incredible. Bass extension also exceeded my expectations greatly. While size does indeed matter when it comes to bass, NAD and Paul Barton have done a terrific job bending that rule in the extreme!

Thanks to the iPod and its tremendous influence on the music business, we now carry tiny music servers around wherever we go. When it's time to take out the earbuds, having a VISO 1 AP sitting on your counter seems like the ideal component in our miniaturized, portable world. As a lifestyle product, the VISO receives my highest recommendation.