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NAD VISO 1 AP AirPlay Music System


Setup of the NAD VISO 1 AP AirPlay Music System

There are three ways to get your VISO 1 AP onto your network. The easiest is to connect a straight-through Ethernet cable between your router and the VISO. It will then appear in the AirPlay menu on your iOS device. The second is to use the share WiFi setting. You'll need an Apple cable which is then connected to the VISO's USB port. Pressing M and S on the VISO brings up a Share WiFi Settings dialog. Click Allow and you're connected. The third way requires a little more work. Press and hold S until it flashes green; you are now in Access Point Setup mode. Using your iOS device, open Safari and enter the VISO's IP address. Then you can configure it through its built-in interface.

Here you can see the VISO showing on the list of available networks. Once you choose it, it will connect and you can access it via the IP address on your computer.

This is the main setup screen for the VISO.

Now you just select your home network to attach the VISO.

Type in the password and you're done. You shouldn't have to do this again, even if you power down. The VISO will remember your network and re-connect automatically.

When I setup my review sample, I used the Share WiFi method and was rewarded with success on the first try. If you plan to use the VISO in your office, the hardwired connection is quick and convenient. Using your WiFi network means you can move the VISO anywhere within your router's range. Of course, if you want to connect your device directly through the USB port, you can do that and avoid the network entirely. You can also use Bluetooth if your device is compatible. The bottom line is, you'll have little trouble finding some way to play your music through the VISO 1 AP.

Once connected, your options are pretty much limited to volume, mute, and source selection. There are no eq or tone controls, nor is there an input volume option to match different sources. If you're using the VISO as a dock however, this is not an issue. In my case, I was easier just to control the volume from my iPhone's music app. I had no need to use the included remote; and that is as it should be.

After you connect the first time, there's no need to go through the procedure again even if you unplug the VISO. I moved it several times during my evaluation and it was able to reconnect within about 20 seconds every time. I streamed most of the content from my iPhone but a few tracks came from my computer. This is not the best way to use it since the remote will only adjust volume; you can't change tracks or pause the music. It is, after all, an iPod dock and it should be used that way. I also liked that selecting a track from my phone would wake the VISO off when it was in standby mode. This took less than 10 seconds.

Speaking of listening, I did quite a bit. Let's see how the VISO performs in a few different room settings.