Floor-standing Speakers

SVSound MTS-01 Floor-standing Speakers


On the Bench

I measured distortion within an 80 kHz bandwidth. The microphone was at a 1 foot distance from the drivers unless otherwise specified.

At 1 kHz, THD+N measured 0.39%.

At 10 kHz, less than 0.2% THD+N was measured from the tweeter.

THD+N vs. Frequency showed that these speakers perform very well at all frequencies. Notice that even at 30 Hz, distortion is only 5%. From a little above 100 Hz all the way to 20 kHz, distortion stayed around or below 0.5%. This is most of the audible spectrum and is why the speakers sounded so neutral.

The measured frequency response was excellent. Notice that it drops off below 50 Hz, and this is why I would suggest a 50 Hz crossover to a good subwoofer.

The impedance appears to be nominal 6 ohms as in the spec sheet. Because the electrical phase stays close to 00 when the impedance is at 4 ohms, the speakers will still be easy to drive. The fact that the phase is within ± 200 from 150 Hz to 20 kHz is superb.


SVSound has a real winner on their hands with the MTS-01 floor-standing speakers. Using a top notch tweeter, coupled with their extensive experience in dealing with woofers, has produced one of the best performance/cost speakers I have ever seen.