As I mentioned yesterday, I went to see No Country for Old Men at the Cineplex. I know it is up for Best Picture, but I want to officially complain about the ending. It’s lousy. As the credits started to roll, I used a few four-letter words, and people around me were also outraged.

One said, “That’s it?” Another said to his friend, “I am never coming to the movies with you again.”

It was if the director said, “Hey guys, we are out of film, so let’s call that last scene a wrap.”

This begs the question as to what the intent of the film maker is: Art or Entertainment.

Hey, it’s entertainment. Anyone home in Hollywood? We want to be entertained. That’s it. We want to buy our tickets, some popcorn, some soft drinks, sit down, and escape for a couple of hours. We want to go home feeling good, not pissed off. You can make us laugh, cry, scream, whatever. But, that has to stay in the theater. We don’t want to take it home with us, and we don’t want to feel cheated.

Cheated is what I felt at the end of Old Men. For 99.99% of the movie, I loved it. But, for the last 0.01%, well, now I hope the movie doesn’t win any awards tonight, and it’s been nominated for a bunch of them, including Best Picture. I don’t care how the book went, I want something better.