Emotiva Stealth DAC


The Design of the Emotiva Stealth DAC

The Stealth DC-1 features differential AD1955 dual independent D/A converters, each operating in high quality differential monaural mode, high-quality 4-layer FR4 PC boards, and an oversized torodial power supply with multiple stages of linear regulation.

What really piqued my interest though was the advanced switchable asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) that re-clocks the data at the same sample rate as the incoming signal. The objective for this feature is to reduce jitter for improved performance with any source. If the owner of the Stealth would like to remove the ASRC out of the signal path you can do this by using the front panel control and selecting the bypass. For the duration of my listening I used the ASRC feature.

The Stealth DC-1 is more than just a DAC, as it can also function as a preamp. It features a precision volume control and headphone amp. Included is a beautiful and solid metal remote that allows the listener to select inputs and control volume as well as turning the unit on and off. The unit is housed in a sturdy steel casing which looks really nice too.