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XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro Room Acoustics Analyzer Kit


XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro In Use

If you are a new to acoustics and acoustical data, the first time you sit in front of the RA software it can be a bit daunting. There are no "wizards" or guided means through which one can work through the various data collection screens. Unfortunately the manual is little help here. We both found the included documentation ambiguous at best, and at its worst downright confusing. Creating separate manuals for the Basic and Pro versions of the kit would be an easy first step to alleviating this problem. While there are plenty of resources around the web to get you started, a more competent manual, or some sort of assisted data collection wizard, would be a welcome addition to the package.

Fortunately, the software has a fairly simple user interface, which mitigates somewhat the poor instructions. The software GUI has been well organized and does not resort to burying features/functions within sub-menus. Everything is easy to find with just a few short clicks. To keep things simple, we'll work through the software functions in the order they appear in the software tabs as well as the order that XTZ recommends for workflow.