New Look for Amarra Launches at RMAF

Sonic Studio showcases acclaimed sound with new release

San Anselmo — This October, over 1,100 exhibitors and 3,500 audio enthusiasts will gather in Denver, Colorado for the 8th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The newly improved Amarra product family will be showcased by its creator, Sonic Studio, LLC, in conjunction with several industry-leading channel affiliates. Partners AudioEngine, Audio Plus Services, Benchmark, Bottlehead, Cypher Labs, Dan D’Agostino, Eficion, Esoteric, High End Palace, Mach 2 Music and Ron Meyer Recordings will all feature Amarra and MINI in their suites.

Sonic Studio will stage public demonstrations of a new release of the Amarra product family. Amarra, MINI and Junior will be available for critical evaluation, providing easy computer playback of high resolution files for any budget. A brief look at the show highlights include:

• introductions & demonstrations of the new 2.3 release of Amarra, MINI & Junior
• showcasing partner manufacturers Focal, Parasound, Soundstring Cable & Wireworld
• announcement of a strategic new OEM program for select premium audio manufacturers

Version 2.3 of the Amarra family will make its trade show debut. The release of version 2.3 brings a new level of sonic excellence and analog warmth not found in other players, an upgraded integration with iTunes, extended independent Playlist Mode, improved FLAC compatibility and additional support for third-party hardware. This new release also sports a refined user interface with a more efficient use of screen real estate.

Daniel Weiss, President of the preeminent hardware manufacturer Weiss Engineering, sees the clear benefits of the new OEM program for his patrons. “I am glad to provide our customers with a free copy of Amarra for Weiss, a must-have for high resolution playback on Apple computers,” he said. John Stronczer, CEO of acclaimed DAC manufacturer Bel Canto Design, echoed that sentiment when asked about Amarra for Bel Canto. “Get the best from iTunes and your Bel Canto DAC with Amarra.”

Marco Manuta, Chief Technical Officer for innovative manufacturer M2TECH in Pisa, is pleased with the newly announced strategic partnership. “M2Tech is proud to be a preferred partner with Sonic Studio. The high performance of Amarra, joined with the outstanding features and sound of M2TECH, gives users a whole new level of listening pleasure: music will never be the same!” Jon Reichbach, President of Sonic Studio, added that “…the new OEM program provides a substantial value-add for our manufacturing partners’ sales channels. It also further lowers the barrier to adoption for their customers who are new to the hi-fi computer audio space.”

The entire Amarra family, with versions to fit every budget, will be shown in Sonic Studio’s Suite 505 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Hourly demonstrations are scheduled. In conjunction with RMAF, a raffle will be held for copies of Amarra, with in–person signup at the show or via Facebook ( before October 14. To learn more about any of the products mentioned, you can contact Sonic Studio at 1-919-426-2772 or e–mail them at [email protected]