Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

Well, the 10th annual Rocky Mountain Audiofest has come to a close. The show has outgrown its original venue. That meant that this year there would be some rooms set up at the nearby Hyatt Regency. I once again wore out my shoe leather in an attempt to squeeze as much coverage as possible into a three day agenda.  We hope that you checked some of the real-time coverage in the CAVE, including some video. Here is all of our coverage.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 Show Report

 It is that time of year again in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for one of the best shows for all of us AUDIOPHILES!....The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for 2012!  I am on my way to Denver and am going to have to move quickly, to see as many of the many, many exhibitors this year at the Marriott Tech Center Hotel and other venues in Denver's Tech Center. Show report begins on Friday and continues over the weekend.......do check back for the latest images and info...Jim Clements, Senior Editor, SECRETS.

Sabian 18″ AA Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

If one were to be asked what is the second most often used crash cymbal model, regardless of the brand, it would probably be the Medium Thin Crash (the most popular is probably the 18" medium crash). Sabian has one in their AA line, which is reviewed here. It has a neutral tonality, slightly brighter than its "medium" cousin, but not too bright. It has more wash than the medium version as well. The medium and medium thin are perfect mates.