Capturing the magic of the “single-ended push-pull” topology, but redesigned as a fully–symmetrical transistor amplifier.

RICHMOND, Calif. – September 21, 2011: The first US appearance of the new 885 Integrated Power Amplifier will debut this October at RMAF 2011. This unique amplifier design represents a pinnacle in the evolution of solid state technology.

The 885 opens a whole new chapter: the circuit design principle of the “single ended push-pull” amplifier, which was derived from valve technology, is being employed for the first time ever in a fully-symmetrical transistor amplifier with current feedback. The unique combination of these technologies yield a decisive advantage in audio quality: providing the listener with increased “speed”, “accuracy”, musical realism, and less listening fatigue at all volume levels.

•Dual-mono configuration

•Symmetrical signal processing

•Push-pull output stage

•Intelligent quiescent current adjustment

•“Current mode” amplifier


RMAF 2011: 11th Floor, Room #1118

Norbert Lindemann will be on hand, from Germany, to further explain this unique approach. Come and audition our Lindemann system as we provide a musical presentation consisting of: Analog, High Definition Computer Streaming and Compact Disc.

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