Axiom Audio

Highway 60, Dwight, Ontario, Canada, P0A 1H0

(866) 244-8796 (international 705-635-2222)

Axiom Audio

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience behind us, Axiom’s mission is providing your ultimate audio experience. Combining cutting-edge research with a passion for creating an exciting experience for you, we strive to thrill you from the moment you choose your speakers until you are immersed in sound in your home.

Axiom designs, engineers and manufactures award-winning loudspeakers and amplifiers. Manufacturing in Canada means we can make home theater systems to order, and we offer over 100 finishes and multiple levels of customization on each speaker we build. We can even custom-match existing finishes in your home or office.

Reviewers rave about our stunning neutrality, unmatched immersion in surround-sound, and of course our signature lowest-of-the-low subwoofers. If it’s time to get a home theater that makes you rediscover your movie and music, then it’s time for Axiom.

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