Monster PowerNet 200 and 300 Kits for Audio and Video Streaming Through Your House AC Wiring



Setting up the PowerNet system is very simple for most people, though I did run into an issue that Monster was going to fix. If you are in a single occupancy dwelling and not in a condo or a townhouse, the PowerNet system is truly plug and play. Hook one unit up next to your cable modem or router and connect it via Ethernet, plug in the other unit at your home theater (directly to the wall, it can not go through a surge protector or other power filtering device), and you have a connection. If you live in a condo building or similar residence and want to make sure that your home network over power can't interfere with their Poweline network, the PowerNet system has 128-bit AES encryption that you can enable to keep your network secure.

This is where I ran into a bit of an issue with the system. You should just hold down the reset button for 10 seconds on each device to put them into a searching mode, then go back and hold them down for 2 more seconds and they will sync to each other, at least according to the manual. However, I found that I had to hold the button for 10 seconds to put them into the searching mode, then press the reset button 2-3 times to get them to start to sync. One way isn't any harder than another, but the incorrect way being in the user manual caused me to struggle when initially hooking it up. However, Monster has said that this will be corrected, and then enabling encryption will be easy for anyone to do with this system.