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Lumagen Radiance XS-3D Video Processor


Conclusions about the Lumagen Radiance XS-3D

It's obvious that I love the Radiance XS-3D. There isn't a component that I used it with that wasn't improved by using it, nor a feature that I found it to be missing. There is so much inside of the Radiance products that any review that doesn't go for 10,000 words isn't going to be able to cover it all. Lumagen has packed their Radiance line with more features than anything else I've used and really brings something to any system you use it with.

Since I finished testing the Radiance just a couple weeks ago, Lumagen has improved it to allow you to convert to any of the 3D formats for output, made it easier to use Reference or Adjustable patterns, and they have plans to add even more feature going forward. In addition to offering these free updates at their website, they also run their own support forum as well as actively monitoring the forums at AVS to support their users. You can even call and actually talk to their employees to get support for your issues. Their website also has an archive of Tech Tips to help you setup certain features that might be fairly complex to do. With a device as capable but complex as the Radiance, this level of support is important and sometimes essential.

Unless a display is absolutely perfect in all aspects, and each component is as well, any theater can benefit from the Radiance. You may not use all the features, but it has the power and ability to grow as you change your system around. There have been very few products that I can enthusiastically recommend as highly as I can the Lumagen Radiance. It really is a component you need to try and see for yourself to understand the difference it can make.