Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Reference Studio Speaker System



With these latest offerings from Paradigm's now most extensive line, they solidify the confidence I and scores of others have in them.  With precious few qualifiers I've yet to be disappointed with Paradigm speakers.  Not every speaker is right for every roll, but I can't think of one of theirs which I couldn't put to work somewhere in the house.

A special nod to the CC-490, with its remarkable neutrality and ability to plainly resolve dialogue from today's HD audio formats, it is proof positive that Paradigm is still on the leading edge of multichannel sound.

Other that requiring two people to maneuver it, no fault could I find with the exquisite SUB 12 except to say that it is not exactly inexpensive, but if the sticker price doesn't scare you then by all means go the final mile and add the PBK-1!