Pinnacle's New Rhino Flagship Subwoofers

Press Release For Immediate Release


Plainview, NY, October 2009 – Pinnacle’s Black Rhino Series is the ultimate in bass performance, designed to fill up even the largest rooms with thunderous deep bass down to 21 Hz with ear splitting volume up to 127 db SPL. These subwoofers are the crowning achievement from Pinnacle’s stellar engineering team, all of whom are musicians and know bass performance criteria first hand.

Pinnacle employs massive 20 pound drive units with 3″ voice coils to achieve bass down into the low 20 Hz range mated to Pinnacle’s proprietary, ultra high powered amplifiers of 1200-1600 watts for the maximum in SPL.

The Pinnacle Black Rhino subs feature dual woofers arranged in a bipole configuration for awesome, room-filling, deep and accurate bass from incredibly small, beautiful cabinets. Indestructible build quality with non-resonant 1” thick cabinets. Pinnacle uses 12 gauge internal wiring throughout for maximum bass clarity.


Rhino Ten MSRP $1,395

Rhino Twelve MSRP $1,795

Rhino Fifteen MSRP $2,395

Massive Dual (2) 10” Woofers

(1 active, 1 passive)


1200 Watt Class D Amplifier

Massive Dual (2) 12” Woofers

(1 active, 1 passive)


1600 Watt Class D Amplifier

Massive Dual (2) 15” Woofers

(1 active, 1 passive)


1600 Watt Class D Amplifier

Maximum SPL: 121 dB

Maximum SPL: 125 dB

Maximum SPL: 127 dB

Massive 20 lb. Drive Units

RHINO TOUGH. n Ultra High Powered Amplifier – 1200-1600 Watts n Space Saving Heat Sinkless, Class D Switching Supply n Impressive SPL Ratings Up To 127 dB Fill Up Even the Largest Rooms n Wide “Fat Boy” Surrounds – Wide “Fat Boy” Surrounds for Maximum Excursion Capability n Indestructible Build Quality – 1” Thick Non-Resonant Cabinetry Throughout n Small Footprint Housed in Cubes Just 13” – 17” n Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Internal Wiring for Maximum Bass Clarity n Finished in Durable Industrial Grade Textured Matte Black Paint for an Elegant Look n Ideal for Home Theater, Music or Professional Applications

Mickey Rothenberg

Vice President

Pinnacle Speakers

Pinnacle Knows Bass.

Over our 33 year history Pinnacle has delivered a steady stream of exceptional products with an emphasis on low end response. Even as we deliver a full compliment of speakers Pinnacle engineers remain, above all, bass experts.

With a roster of notable achievements such as developing and holding the US Patent on our famous Diaduct port (employed for outstanding bass in bookshelf designs) we have not rested on our laurels.

Pushing the limits of bass, the Pinnacle engineering team continues to develop the ultimate bass reproducers.

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