Surround Sound Speaker Systems

LG LHB535 Home Theater in a Box


Design and Setup

The LHB535 is a relatively thin and small black box, especially thin when you consider it contains a network blu-ray player and a receiver inside. Hooked up to it are small satellite speakers- 4 of the same for the front and surround duty, a center channel, and a small subwoofer. Everything is quite compact and the styling is subtle so as to not stand out in your living room.

Setting up the LHB535 is very straight forward. The speaker cables are color coded and clip easily into the terminals on the satellites. Plug in the power cable and run an HDMI cable to your HDTV and you're done. If you wanted, you could also plug your cable box into one of the 535's HDMI inputs, a very nice feature that most all-in-one systems do not have. This will allow you to enjoy audio from the LG system instead of the crummy speakers they put into today's flat screens. You also won't have to worry about changing inputs on the TV as the LG will handle that for you.

After getting everything connected, including ethernet (LAN), I powered up the unit and was prompted by a new software update. I confirmed and it downloaded and installed in about 5 minutes. It's a nice feature to have since most users don't know to check for firmware updates on blu-ray players.

The on-screen menu even offers some minor speaker adjustments as well. Depending on your room size, you might have to make a few tweeks. I left everything set to default.