Toshiba SBX4250 Sound Bar


Conclusions about the Toshiba SBX4250 Sound Bar

Coming in, I was a big skeptic of the sound bar. They were everywhere at CEDIA just like headphones were at CES. As everyone jumps onto the bandwagon I worry that most companies are looking to go out there and just get something to market but not to make something that actually delivers. From the time that I hooked up the Toshiba SBX4250 until now, it made a big improvement in the quality of sound in my living room. Everyone that listened thought it was better than they imagined it would be, and it made me no longer a skeptic of sound bars.

I've had home theater equipment come through my house that costs more than my car, but the thing that my wife has enjoyed the most is the Toshiba sound bar. It's simple, it makes a large improvement compared to the standard speakers, and it provides what I think is a very good value for the money. If you're buying a new flat panel and aren't hooking up a dedicated stereo system to it, you really should look at a sound bar like the Toshiba SBX4250. You will likely come away surprised about how much of an improvement it will make in your home and how much more enjoyable watching a movie or TV can be.