Floor-standing Speakers


Paradigm Millenia LP XL and LP 2 Speakers and Seismic 110 Subwoofer Review

With nice styling and remarkable sound quality, the Paradigm Millenia LP speakers are an excellent choice for anyone that lacks the room for big tower speakers but craves better than soundbar fidelity. The Seismic 110 sub rounds out the bottom end with help of Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit. This incredibly thin speaker system from Paradigm can deliver the sonic goods for both movies and music listening.


Legacy Aeris Floor-standing Speakers Review

Introduced in 2012, the Legacy Aeris speakers have become some of the most acclaimed speakers in recent memory. They are massive 4-way floorstanding speakers with dual powered 12" subwoofers in each tower. They are distinctive for many reasons with the most significant reason being their one of a kind room correction and time alignment capabilities.


Bryston Model A3 Floor-standing Speakers Review

The Model A3 is the smallest floor-standing speaker in the new A series from Bryston. It is well suited for a two-channel system that requires a compact floor-standing speaker. It is capable on its own of full range music playback without a subwoofer. The Model A3's sound is neutral and it can be driven to high SPLs without sounding strained. The Model A3 is detailed and accurate. Its sound quality will satisfy regardless of listening preferences.