Runco Q750i DLP Projector with LED Illumination


On The Bench

Equipment used: EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer, CalMAN Professional 3.7 analysis software, Accupel HDG-3000 signal generator, Spears & Munsil Benchmark Blu-ray disc.

All measurements were taken off the screen (Carada Brilliant White, gain 1.4) from the seating position (10 feet back). Video processing tests were performed using an Oppo BDP-83 connected directly to the projector and set to Source Direct mode.

This is the Rec 709 preset with all other settings at factory defaults. Color error is minimal and luminances are almost perfect. This is excellent out-of-the-box performance.

Here is the Q’s native color gamut. Luminances are fine but the color points are quite far outside the Rec 709 gamut. Since Blu-ray and DVD content is mastered to either the Rec 601 or 709 standard, using the native gamut would result in extremely over-saturated color. Of course you can use the Runco Smart Color option to tame the flesh tones if you wish.

Out-of-the-box grayscale tracking is ruler flat but about 600K too warm at the 6500K preset. Gamma tracking is also very flat at the 2.2 preset.

After using the Personal Color Equalizer to calibrate the native gamut to Rec 709, I achieved the following result. Color error is under 1 Delta E and luminances are all within .03 fL of the target. You’re looking at perfection here folks.

Post-calibration grayscale was equally superb with all errors under 1 Delta E and near-perfect gamma tracking.

Video processing performance was excellent but not quite the very best I’ve observed. As usual, I used the Spears & Munsil disc with my Oppo BDP-83 set to source direct. Although the Q750i passed the tough 2:2 test, it failed on 2:3:3:2 and 2:2:2:4. It’s picking nits I realize but I only note it because the Runco LS-5 I tested a few months ago sailed through these clips. Bad edits were handled properly with instant lock-on. Edge-adaptive tests earned a passing score as well with just the barest hint of line twitter on the hockey rink’s plastic shields and the yellow trim on the ship’s hull. The ropes on both the bridge and ship clips looked fantastic. Scaling performance was excellent on all 480i clips. You won’t need a stellar disc player with this projector though I suspect most owners will have one anyway.

Contrast performance was on par with other DLP projectors I’ve tested recently. At Runco’s recommendation, I performed the calibration with ConstantContrast off. At the default contrast setting of 100, peak white measured 23.5fL. This is pretty close to Runco’s stated spec of 29fL. I used all the available vertical lens shift which accounts for the slightly reduced output. With contrast lowered to 20 and brightness set to 103 (default is 100), the measured minimum black level was .007fL and peak white was 14.5fL for a calibrated contrast ratio of 2071:1. With Constant Contrast on Low, the black level was immeasurable and peak white rose to 16.5fL. With Adaptive Contrast turned on, peak output rose to 21.5fL and black levels were again immeasurable. To the eye it didn’t appear quite as dark as the best LCoS projectors but it was awfully close. In normal viewing, the perceived image depth is excellent thanks to the Q750i’s excellent intra-image contrast.

Lens quality was among the best I’ve seen with no chromatic aberration or artifacts observed. Field uniformity was perfect with no observed change in light output or color from edge to edge.