GoldenEar Technology Debuts First Speakers at CEDIA Expo 2010

Press Contact: Sandy Gross


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GoldenEar Technology Debuts First Speakers at CEDIA Expo 2010

CEDIA Expo 2010 in Atlanta will mark the official debut for GoldenEar Technology and will also be the venue for the first showing of its inaugural product offerings. GoldenEar will be showing at CEDIA in Sound Room 15 (SR15).

GoldenEar is the new speaker company started by Sandy Gross, one of the founders of Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, and Don Givogue, also a co-founder of Definitive.  GoldenEar is focused on creating innovative loudspeakers embodying ultra-high-performance, elegant styling and extraordinary value tailor-made for sale by high-quality specialty retailers.

The line portfolio consists of five basic speakers that can be combined into three systems. The five models are the Triton™ Two Tower ($1249 ea.), SuperSat™ 50 ($499 ea.), SuperSat 3 ($249 ea.), ForceField™ 3 Subwoofer ($499 ea.) and ForceField 4 Subwoofer ($699 ea.). The three systems are the TritonCinema Two ($3499), SuperCinema™ 50 ($2699) and SuperCinema 3 ($1749). All the speakers and systems are engineered from the ground up by GoldenEar to deliver equally superb performance with both music and movies as sources.

The sleek 48” tall Triton Two incorporates a built-in powered subwoofer section with a 1200 watt GoldenEar designed digital amplifier.  The amplifier’s DSP section not only yields extremely linear and low distortion response, but also dynamically controls operating parameters for optimum performance. The amp drives two 5”x 9” front-mounted quadratic subwoofer bass drivers which are coupled to dual side-mounted 7”x10” quadratic planar infrasonic bass radiators. The result is awe-inspiring bass response which delivers both musical subtlety as well as room-shaking authority. The sophisticated styling, with its 5.25” wide baffle, not only looks great but also helps the Triton Two to achieve truly magnificent 3D imaging with tremendous depth, height and width which extend well beyond the loudspeakers themselves. There are two cast-basket upper bass/midrange drivers, which incorporate GoldenEar’s proprietary Multi-Vaned Phase Plug design (MVPP™) as well as uniquely curved polypropylene cones. They are arranged in a D’Appolito array surrounding the tweeter, which is an extraordinary new High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) design.  The HVFR tweeter propagates sound waves and moves the air by squeezing it with its accordion-like pleated diaphragm, rather than pushing it as conventional drivers do. The tower’s finish is piano-gloss black.

The SuperSat 50 is a slim, 27” long, 2.5”-deep speaker which is available in both a vertical version (SuperSat 50) as well as a horizontal, center-channel-optimized version (SuperSat 50C). It’s the ideal center channel for the Triton Two as well as a perfect choice to go alongside a wall- or shelf-mounted flat screen. Its cabinet is constructed from piano-gloss-black-finished aircraft-grade aluminum and contains two 4.5” cast basket bass/midrange drivers in a D’Appolito array surrounding the High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. Two 4”x 7” planar low-frequency radiators complete the driver complement. Mounting is easily accomplished using the threaded inserts or keyhole mounts on the rear, or the optional smoked-glass shelf stand. An adjustable foot allows multiple angles when shelf mounting the horizontal center-channel version.

The SuperSat 3 is an elegantly curved compact satellite, which is the ideal matching rear or side surround speaker for a system based on the Triton Two or SuperSat 50.  In addition, five SuperSat 3’s combined with a ForceField powered subwoofer make a superlative sub/sat multichannel system. As with the SuperSat 50, there is a vertical (SuperSat3) and horizontal center-channel (3C) version.  The SuperSat 3’s svelte, 2.7” deep, 12” tall cabinet is constructed out of a non-resonant marble powder infused polymer, which is finished in a gorgeous piano-gloss black. It incorporates two 4.5” cast-basket bass/midrange drivers surrounding the HVFR tweeter. The SuperSat 3 comes with a stand for shelf mounting with an adjustable angling foot and incorporates a threaded insert as well as a keyhole mount for wall mounting.

There are two ForceField powered subwoofers. The compact ForceField 4 incorporates the same 1200-watt digital amp developed for the Triton Two. It drives a front-mounted high-power ultra-long-throw 10” sub-bass driver coupled to a downward-firing 11”x 13.9” quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. The unique and attractive cabinet shape, with its non-parallel cabinet walls (the top is narrower than the bottom when viewed from the front), helps the ForceField subs achieve extraordinarily deep and tuneful bass – ideal for music and movies. The ultra-compact ForceField 3 is basically a smaller, less-expensive version of the ForceField 4, with a 1000-watt digital amp, 8” active driver and 9.6”x 11.4” quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. Both subs are wireless-ready to accept an optional wireless kit. Finish on the subwoofers is matte black.

All the speaker models are expected to ship in October. GoldenEar’s website is